Mar 16: Depart Melbourne
Mar 16 Mar 20: Eugene, Oregon (USA) 
Mar 20 to Mar 24: Toronto (Canada)
Mar 25 to Mar 27:
Macclesfield, Cheshire (UK)
Mar 28 to Apr 1: Newport, Shropshire (UK) 
Apr 2 to 4: London Experience
Apr 5 to Apr 8: Yvetot (France)

Apr 9 
 to Apr 12: Harderwijk (The Netherlands) 
Apr 13  to Apr 17:
Usti nad Orlici (Czech Republic) 
Apr 18  to Apr 19: Singapore  
Apr 19 to Apr 22: Bandung (Indonesia)

Apr 23:
Arrive Melbourne

Feb 25: Depart Melbourne Feb 25 to Feb 29: Eugene, Oregon (USA) Mar 1 to Mar 4: Whitby/Toronto, Ontario (Canada)

Mar 5 to Mar 10: Newport, Shropshire (UK) Mar 10 to Mar 13: Macclesfield, Cheshire (UK)

Mar 13 to Mar 17: Harderwijk (The Netherlands) Mar 17 to Mar 21: Yvetot (France)

Mar 21 to Mar 25: Usti nad Orlici (Czech Republic) Mar 26 to Mar 28: Beijing (China) Mar 29 to Apr 1: Chongqing (China)

Apr 2: Arrive Melbourne


2016 Photo GALLERY

The seventh triennial Ringwood Secondary College Performing Arts World Tour was staged between March and April 2, 2019!

30 students and 5 staff toured destinations in the United States, Canada, the United Kingdom, The Netherlands, France, the Czech Republic and Indonesia. Along the way, the group will perform a  self-devised musical to various partner schools in each of the exciting international destinations.

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Performing Arts World Tour 2019



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