Lily Harper

Lily Rogers

Lucy Ahearn

Maddie Studzinsky

Madilyn Bailey

Mali Davies

Mason Aronleigh

Meg Anderson

Mia Grasso

Miriam Peake

Natalia Mayo-Castro

Oliver Pich

Olivia Slade

Oskar Mitchell

Raya Avaryon

Robert Peake

Samantha Whiting

Sienna  Sleigh

Sylvia Adriano

Taylor Wake

Teah Monro

Tristan Wainwright

Zahra Zoha

ELF The Musical Jr. 2018

With a cast of freaky happy Elves and Santa himself, our annual junior production set off into the holidays with extra Christmas spirit!  Performances were staged in the Ringwood SC Hall as follows:

Previews: FRIDAY DECEMBER 14 @ 1.30pm (Primary Schools)

Shows: FRIDAY DECEMBER 14 @ 7.30pm | SUNDAY DECEMBER 16@ 4.30pm | MONDAY DECEMBER 17 @ 1.30 & 7.30pm

Abbey Reynolds

Ady Varon

Afia Thang

Angel Jordan

Ankita Patel

Bella King

Ben Came

Bree Phillips

Brooke Fell

Caspar Lee-Ercole

Desy Kutasara

Dhiya Billimoria

Ebony Kelly

Emma Hanley

Georgia Skerry

Hailey Atkins

Imogene Prince

Isaac Yau

Jacob Henry

Jorja Gillam

Karli Thornton

Kirrilly Karabelas

Laura Pe

Lily Crowley

High School Musical Jr. 2016

With a cast of 80 students from Years 7 to 9 and a swag of fresh young faces, our annual junior show delighted all jocks, thespians, brainiacs, rebels and adults alike!

Performances were staged in the Ringwood SC Hall as follows:

Previews: TUESDAY DECEMBER 6 (Year 7 Orientation) | FRIDAY DECEMBER 9 @ 1.30pm (Primary Schools)

Shows: FRIDAY DECEMBER 9 @ 7.30pm | SUNDAY DECEMBER 11@ 4.30pm | MONDAY DECEMBER 12 @ 7.30pm

Student Audience Matinee: MONDAY DECEMBER 12 @ 1.30pm

Shrek The Musical Jr. 2017

With a cast of 75 fruitcakes and fairy tale freaks, our annual junior production set all of our freak flags flying!

Performances were staged in the Ringwood SC Hall as follows:

Previews: FRIDAY DECEMBER 15 @ 1.30pm (Primary Schools)

Shows: FRIDAY DECEMBER 15 @ 7.30pm | SUNDAY DECEMBER 17@ 4.30pm | MONDAY DECEMBER 18 @ 7.30pm

Student Audience Matinee: MONDAY DECEMBER 18 @ 1.30pm

Ringwood Secondary College is ready to take you to 'a whole new world' this December with the all-new Aladdin Jr!
The story you know and love has been given the royal treatment! Aladdin and his three friends, Babkak, Omar, and Kassim, are down on their luck until Aladdin discovers a magic lamp and the Genie who has the power to grant three wishes. Wanting to earn the respect of the princess, Jasmine, Aladdin embarks on an adventure that will test his will and show him "a whole new world". 

Aladdin Jr. 2019
With a cast of mystical Arabian characters including one magical Genie, our annual junior production is set to send our community off into a whole new world of Arabian nights!  Performances will be staged in the Ringwood SC Hall as follows:

Previews: FRIDAY DECEMBER 13 @ 1.30pm (Primary Schools)

Shows: FRIDAY DECEMBER 13 @ 7.30pm | SUNDAY DECEMBER 15@ 4.30pm | MONDAY DECEMBER 16 @ 1.30 & 7.30pm




Aladdin – Archie Jacka

Jasmine – Hannah Walne

Genie – Brooke Humphreys

Jafar – Kurtis Mills

Iago – Alysa Kimpton

Sultan – Seb Hansen

Babkak – Cai Schuble

Omar – Bradley Watson

Kassim – Zoe Lanyon

Rajah – Jess Suares

Isir – Jazzlyn Lennox

Manal – Hannah Mebalds

Prince Abdullah – Gimhan Senevirathne

Razoul – Clancy Cooke

Fortune Teller – Vicki Charlton

Guard 1 – Taylor Smith

Guard 2 – Riley Lobert

Beggar 1 – Paige Golder

Beggar 2 – Zachary Lamb

Beggar 3 – Lauren Brewster

Attendant 1  - Talia Olsen

Attendant 2 – Charlotte Jackson

Shop Owner – Lili Mebalds

Apple Vendor – William Fisher

Spooky Voice – Jackson Smith

Cave of Wonders – Jaz McNeill



William Johnston

Will Booth

Thomas Fisher

Matthew Nolan

Heath Murphy

Lillian Smith

Mylee James

Abbey Furssedonn

Brian Matanisiga

Indiana Naylor