Shrek - Callum Rigg
Donkey - Abbey Prescott
Princess Fiona - Niamh Mebalds
Teen Fiona/Fairy Godmother - Brooke Humphreys
Young Fiona - Olivia Slade
Lord Farquaad - Ryley Young
Dragon -
Taylah Smith
Mama Orge - Summer Croft
Papa Ogre - Zac McCallum
Mama Bear - Mali Davies
Papa Bear -  Ben Noble-Saroto
Baby Bear - Cassidy Work
Pinocchio/Young Shrek - Riley Chilcutt
Gingy/Plum Fairy - Sahana Dana
Cap of the Guard 1 - Damon Gervasoni 
Cap of the Guard 2 -Daniel Watson
Witch - Maddy McKenzie
PIG 1 - Will Whiting
PIG 2 - Will Fisher
PIG 3 - Jess Suares
Wolf- Ben Wheeler
Ugly Duckling -Indiana Ranci
Story Teller/Elf - Hannah Peake
Story Teller/Mad Hatter - Heath Murphy
Story Teller/Red Riding Hood - Lacey Shattock
Bishop/ White Rabbit - Charlie Lodge
Dwarf (Grumpy) - Will Vandermeer
Peter Pan - Tara McPherson
Puss in Boots - Sophie Duffus
Ugly Step Sister 1 - Nyapar Pouk
Ugly Step Sister 2 - Charlotte Jackson
Ugly Step Sister 3 - Teah Monro
Snow White - Meg Ditchfield
Rapunzel - Mia Millar
Sorceress - Rhian Lumsden
Alice in Wonderland - Emma Watson     


Alisha Luckhurst
Rachael Luckhurst
Ava Traplin
Olivia Mooney
Tia Soldatos
Alanah Brewster
Mylee James             
Mikayla Whitten                   
Tahli Henning
Madilyn Bailey   


Sophie Morgan
Alexia Davie
Charlie Martin
Nick Delahunty
Holly Manuel
Brian Matanisiga
Caleb Cowell         
Meg Anderson   
Shayden Varon
Larissa Wrigley
Eve Maskell
Holli Budd
Isabella Norman
Kate Hine
Mia Busch
Elizabeth Brooks
Ben Gosbell
Natasha Gaspari
Amber Hart
Emma Hanly
Charlotte Whelan
Lucy Fairhurst
Molly Paul
Max Taylor
Hannah Walne
Ben Came
Mackenzie Burton 

High School Musical Jr. 2016

With a cast of 80 students from Years 7 to 9 and a swag of fresh young faces, our annual junior show delighted all jocks, thespians, brainiacs, rebels and adults alike!

Performances were staged in the Ringwood SC Hall as follows:

Previews: TUESDAY DECEMBER 6 (Year 7 Orientation) | FRIDAY DECEMBER 9 @ 1.30pm (Primary Schools)

Shows: FRIDAY DECEMBER 9 @ 7.30pm | SUNDAY DECEMBER 11@ 4.30pm | MONDAY DECEMBER 12 @ 7.30pm

Student Audience Matinee: MONDAY DECEMBER 12 @ 1.30pm

Shrek The Musical Jr. 2017

With a cast of 75 fruitcakes and fairy tale freaks, our annual junior production set all of our freak flags flying!

Performances were staged in the Ringwood SC Hall as follows:

Previews: FRIDAY DECEMBER 15 @ 1.30pm (Primary Schools)

Shows: FRIDAY DECEMBER 15 @ 7.30pm | SUNDAY DECEMBER 17@ 4.30pm | MONDAY DECEMBER 18 @ 7.30pm

Student Audience Matinee: MONDAY DECEMBER 18 @ 1.30pm