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audition material

For your audition you must prepare:

  • A performance of one of the song excerpts below. You are encouraged to interpret the song in an informed manner of your choosing. Please note that the backing tracks provided on this site are the exact backing you will be performing with in your audition.  It is not advisable to practice to backing tracks in different keys.
  • All auditionees must sing one of the selected songs regardless of your intention to play a lead character or a chorus role. Choose the song that best suits your vocal type.
  • You are not required to sing the entire son just the section specified on the lyric sheet (see below)

Please contact Mrs Stelfox (AST) for any changes in audition times or last min bookings

The Addams Family musical is a show with a stunning array of lead roles, cameos, acting roles, dance parts and terrific ensemble participation. Prospective auditionees are expected to do some research into the show, its characters and potential interpretations. 

There will be a pre-audition info session on Tuesday February 6 where new and returning students can have all their questions answered.

Auditions for cast are open to any student of Ringwood Secondary College in 2018.

 The cast size is capped according to the dimensions of the stage, costuming and administration requirements. Therefore, the audition process is competitive. Auditions are conducted individually and in front of a panel of production team members as appointed by the director. Casting decisions are entirely at the discretion of the production team and are made in accordance with the specific requirements of the show.

 Students must select and prepare one song from the list below. For each song, the sheet music and backing track excerpt to be used in the audition can be found on the AUDITIONS page of the production website sometime after Tuesday January 30, 2018. (Keep checking back – it might take a while to compile. A Facebook notification will go out when it is ready.)

 Students will also be asked to complete a ‘cold read’ of some dialogue from the show. You will be asked to read the dialogue in an appropriate American accent.

 Students must sign up for a general audition slot on one of the following afternoons:

Tuesday February 13 between 3.30pm and 7pm
Wednesday February 14 between 3.30pm and 7pm

Signing up is an online process and must be completed through the website:

www.rscproduction.com.au/auditions.html (on this page)


Dance Audition

****In addition to the general audition, there will be a compulsory dance call on Thursday February 15 from 3.30pm until 5.30pm. THE ADDAMS FAMILY is a heavy dance show and all prospective leads, principal dancers and ensemble members MUST attend. Please note that anyone who attends the dance call only, without signing up for a main audition (or vice versa), cannot be considered for a position in the cast. You MUST attend a general audition on either Tuesday or Wednesday.


Before considering an audition, please click below to download the 2018 Production Handbook: